Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Future Collapsed Market No One Mentions

There is a future market concern of the masses that I have, something that I have not heard a word spoken of with reservation. I believe in the next two to five years (ten years maximum) the market of life insurance will be deeply troubled and destitute. This will be another market that left consumers with the short end of the stick. I will tell you why and how this will come about, affect us, correlations between other markets, and the end result of this market.

The life insurance market has been, and is currently, very profitable to the companies that offer these types of plans. This is due to the large masses of people who pay monthly premiums for the few who will have unfortunate circumstances for which they get compensated. The issues will arise when the few begin to pay for the masses. This will occur in the not so distant future. As the Baby Boomers get older and slowly die off, the largest population demographic in United States History will disappear. When their families are compensated, less and less people will be paying into the pool from which the money comes. With the large promises of 30,000, 50,000 or 100,000 and more, these markets will swing very quickly from extremely profitable to absolutely insolvent. The companies will bail on the downturn and the people who have been paying into this system for many years will be left to pay the bill and receive nothing in return. This is the exact same issue that now plagues our broken Social Security system. Ultimately, this is nothing short of another form of corporate taxation on the masses. This allows for the elite rich to become wealthier while hurting the everyday person.

The whole idea of insurance needs to be understood by the masses for what it really is, and how it is not in their best interest to become part of it. Insurance, unlike what people like Michael Moore want you to believe, works against people instead of for them. Basic sense tells you two things: One, if you are paying a middle man who profits greatly, you will not get a good return value on the goods and services for which you are paying; two, when costs are socialized people take less personal responsibility for their own actions and health. If the masses truly knew of the markets to which they contribute, they would remove themselves from participation and deal directly with healthcare providers, or save their health and life insurance premiums in a special account in case they do need it. The average family pays roughly 800 dollars a month or more on healthcare premiums alone, and get next to nothing in return for that money.

In the end, the corporate elites will once again profit heavily at the expense of the many. I ask for those who are smart to go against the grain, be smarter and say no to the corporate bailouts, social programs, and corporate taxes such as these on the masses. President Obama thinks that getting everyone covered with health insurance will help lower the costs of healthcare. I say to you that less insurance will help costs of healthcare by taking the middleman out of the equation and dealing direct with healthcare providers. I ask you to question how his version will lower costs. Adding at risk people to health insurance plans will without a doubt raise your costs, not bring the costs down, as their costs will be “socialized” for you to pay.

In closing, please vote for the good of the United States of America so that this nation does not become the Corporate States of Bernanke and Cronies.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best speech I have heard in a long time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The future of America

The country that I love and support America. Where is it heading? The republicans create unjust wars to spur the economy and remove rights. The democrats tax us more and spend more and promote unwise practices and also remove rights and create requirements. I sit and think to myself how do we allow this to happen. In Connecticut we have not quite Chicago corruption, but our representatives are completely useless. Peter Schiff and Linda McMahon through their names into the mix and may finally get a few people who would provide some real change. I dislike McCain and did not vote for him, nor for our current president, but how did a senator who never introduced a bill for vote become president? Useless as a senator and useless as a president. He is following Bush's lead on every single issue besides healthcare, which if you really look at it is just another tax on us if it becomes a requirement as he wants. We are Americans nobody requires us to do anything. People we are supposed to be free act like it and embrace your freedom. Honor those who fought for your freedom and do not let it slip away. It is sad that it is our government who we need freedom from more than any terrorist, country, or demographic. May God bless America and every man be free.

Question for everyone to answer.

Here is the question I have for all people to ask themselves. Would you forgo immediate positives and endure short term pain for long term prosperity?

This question hits on a lot of fronts for me on a personal and political level. I am always looking long term and what is best. I typically spend like a "Jew" (with a last name like Berman go figure right lol) finding the best deals and only buying needs not always wants. I save my money and live beneath my means. Why you may ask and it is to be better off in the future. I was laid off from my job back in December 2008 and took a huge cut in pay, but because of saving and already living under my means we really did not feel it that much because we spent the same, slightly less during that time and saved just a little bit less. If we were in debt and spending out of control previous to that point that situation could have stuck us in bankruptcy.

Now my question is why does our government support the opposite? Grocery list of examples.... After 9/11 they wanted us to give up freedoms short term to fight "terrorism" with the un Patriot act for the long term good. What happened here we gave up freedoms on a bill that was written in 1999 two years before 9/11 that is now being used for domestic survellance of law abiding citizens and law breaking drug dealers not terrorism at all. We lost short term and long term with this Unconstitutional act passed by congress. Next the bail out of the banks who cut themselves a blank check signed by us the taxpayers. The government rewarded short and long term bad investments (some of which was promoted by idiots like Barney Frank in the case of fannie and freddie mac loaning big money to low income people to "promote equality") by the banks with giving them a blank check saying hey make all the dumb moves you want because we will print enough money for you to stay afloat.

Our government wastes money left and right of tax payers money and the printing presses go on non stop for both long term and short term pain that we will all feel. Is it one side of the aisle or the other to blame? Yes all of the above. We need to get the government to spend within their means without printing more money to create more means. People who want to give money to the poor should do just that. The people of this country are great and need to take it upon themselves to help one another out. It is the Churches of this great country who need to step up to the plate and help its people out. It is not the governments role to take my money that I worked for and give it to someone else. For every dollar it takes in for this purpose only 30 cents is given to the people who need it anyways. They want to tax everyone more and more except for the poor who don't pay any tax and wonder why the poor do not get good jobs. Simple those who have money to pay people to work for them are paying too much taxes to hire extra workers. Bringing congress within the constitution and removing the federal reserve who tries to control the markets will be a great step forward in bringing taxes down and banks into better self regulation without the fallback support of the federal reserve.