Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Article By Henry Makow PH D

I have seen many articles from Henry Makow and this one sticks out to me as he asserts that events and lifestyles for societies are planned by the elites. If true as what is being said has been coming true none of us will like the outcome of less jobs, more government, more corporate control, and more big brother watching us. When will our leaders follow the constitution and stay within its guidelines for the rules it outlines for them to follow.

I always say follow the money so please research John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110 and let me know what you think about this and tell me if it changes your opinion on what we are being told vs what is reality.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Judge Andrew Napolitano
This video describes in depth the powers that Obama wishes to grant the unconstitutional Federal Reserve bank over the American economy. These powers are beyond unconstitutional and should have hell raised over it. The federal reserve is a private company owned by the elite bankers and oil owners of our country and a few others countries as well. These people do not have our best interest at hand and to give them unregulated powers over our economy is not smart by any means. We need to follow the money when it comes to corruption and it is very apparent that Obama is owned by the same people who owned Bush which lead to his unconstitutional actions as president. I pray that Obama wakes up and shows real CHANGE and stops moving in the sharing of poverty aka socialism. Some of those in the bottom economic level of our country do not understand that socialism will not even help them it will only drag others down with a few elites getting more power. 

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome to my political thinking on the major issues

Abortion- Killing a baby is not a right. In cases where rape occurs or mothers life is in danger I will not play God, but abortion is a horrible form of birth control when there are so many ways to prevent pregnancy. 

Auto Industry- Build good cars and people will buy them. Also see Free Trade.

Banking/Credit Card Industry- Should have followed the rules of capitalism and made safe bets on loaning money to people. From personal experience I was offered 2.5X the amount of loan I was approved for people need to be smart and take what they can afford. We should have never bailed them out.

Budget- spend less than you take in. PERIOD

Civil Rights- Every should be equal no one should be discriminated against no matter what race, religion or preference. I believe the best person should get the reward.

Constitution- It is there for a reason. FOLLOW it do you hear me Mr Bush and Mr. Obama?

Corporations- Should be taxed less then they would have more money to hire much needed workers.

Crime- Should be punished fairly and should have more standardized punishments for particular offenses.

Drugs- They are illegal for a reason so that bad people make money off of dumb peoples mistakes. 

Education- Is not a right and if a kid is not fit for school they should not be there. Meaning if the kid is a behavior problem preventing others from learning they need to be removed. Some kids will not learn no matter how much money, time and effort you throw at the problem.  I would require parents to be involved in their child's education. I just know that in Connecticut private schools cost less per person make money and still turn out better academics for each student than public schools in the area, so this is proof throwing money at the issue will not solve this issue. 

Energy- I would urge people to conserve as much as they can without drastically effecting their lives, I would ask car companies why gas milage has been the same if not lower with supposed better technology.

Environment- People/businesses should take care of their environment and recycle, use less carbon dioxide emitting devices/pollution and clean up after themselves.

Families- Promote families not broken homes. This effects everything especially the next generation. Kids with broken homes don't do as well in the class room either this could help the next generation in more ways than one. If a family cannot feed a child I would ask that they do not produce another mouth that they cannot feed. People need to be smart and know their limits just like when buying a house or car.

Foreign Policy- Treat other countries the same way you wish to be treated. AKA I would pull many of our armed forces home, would implement real free trade with all countries and would not send a dime of aid to anyone until someone helped us out and we balanced our own balance sheets. 

Free Trade- I would make real free trade with countries like China who do not allow us to export much product to unless it is with a factory with their workers. If we used the same fair trade policy with them we would be doing quite well right now. Japan allows very few American cars into their country imagine if we put the same fair trade in place with them? Maybe GM would not have gone bankrupt. I would tax imports at the same rate the other country put on our exports making the relationship fair.

Freedom of Speech- Is granted by the constitution. Not just freedom of politically correct speech, but all speech. Along with Freedom of the Press and the right to assemble. What the republican and democratic convention people did by detaining peaceful protesters during their respective conventions is unconstitutional and the officers who made the arrests need to be fired, the organizers who pushed for this act to occur need to be jailed themselves and removed from the political process for life.

Gay Marriage- This is a religious question that our government has no business being in. Marriage was a religious ceremony and with the separation of church and state this is not an issue for the Government.

Gun Control- If you pass a background test and stay out of jail for violence then you can have a gun by the constitution and that right shall not be infringed.

Health Care- If you can afford it take it, if not then find someone in your family or circle of friends that is a doctor that can help.

Homeland Security- Would be revoked along with the Patriot Act to really help our country and save money.

Immigration- We are a country of immigrants. Yes we are, now join the line to come here legally and be a positive influence because get the fact we are a country with laws that need to be followed. 

Jobs- job creation by tax reduction the US has the 2nd highest Corporate tax in the world at 39% with only Japan who is in a 18 year recession having a higher tax. This makes us more communist than CHINA, RUSSIA, CUBA AND Venezuela. Less tax means companies will have more money to hire with. example a 1 billion dollar profit company pays 390 million in tax. Lets drop that 10% and guess what they have 100 million dollars to hire with 40k per position equals 2500 jobs created for just one company take just the s&p 500 and you have 1,250,000 jobs created easily within 6 months.

Pentagon- Will hold accountable for the 2.3+ trillion dollars missing over the past 12 years. Will bring home many troops from around the world and place them on the borders north and south as well as guarding high value areas. Will NOT allow them to patrol the streets. Police need to stop looking for trouble and have become corrupt. We need reform in these areas

Religion- Is a GOD given right to have one or not have one. Make no mistake it is clear that this is a Christian country as God is referred to in all 50 states constitutions as well as by each of our founding fathers and that needs to be accepted.

Social Security- Needs to be abolished. This will go belly up within 15 years once the baby boomers begin retirement. No social program has worked, cut our losses and move forward.

Tax Reform- Lower taxes and spend less. Tax enough to cover roads, schools, military, monetary issuance, Government and the Judicial system.

War- If I would die for the cause it is worth fighting for. If those who want the war to happen would go then I would think about it. War is a last resort. If we are invaded then so be it that would be a big mistake on their part.

Welfare and Poverty- I would promote Churches, rich and middle class to help the poor as our government has not place in doing so, nor does it effectively. It takes in 1.5 trillion for this reason and hands out 500 billion which most of which does not go into the hands of the needy. People would be better off helping others on their own and would be able to do so if they were taxed less and had more of their own hard earned money to help others with.