Friday, March 19, 2010

My post on Obamacare.

Listen, I hate both the republicans and democrats, all I see is bickering back and forth with the same comments on both sides. Most are valid points on both sides of the aisle slandering the other. There is right, left and correct. I have choose correct. The republicans cut taxes and allow loopholes for the rich, they spend like sailors, infringe on our civil liberties just as much as the democrats do. Now for the democrats, they want to raise taxes, they want to take away your liberties, they want you poor so you have to rely on them for GOVERNMENT care, welfare etc. Lets not get this twisted, I hear oh the democrats have less deficit, realize it was a republican majority in both house and senate that passed the budget not Clinton. Bush got in and had a free ticket and over spent it. The democrat majority comes in and the deficit goes down slightly at the end of Bush's term. Obama comes in gets his free ticket with his democrat majority and outspent Bush's 8 years of deficit in only 2 years of budget, so don't even try to blame Bush as dumb as he is for what Obama is doing now. The only reason for a surplus or reduction in deficit has been a somewhat check and balance with having a congress majority of one party and president of the opposite party. And guess what they all have over spent. We are now 12 trillion dollars in debt. Most of that bill coming since Bush 1 with a democrat controlled congress. We cannot afford this bill, we cannot afford any bill, we cannot afford these wars and we cannot afford welfare of any kind. We are BROKE. You want to talk about healthcare in Canada ok lets talk about it. Here is why it won't work here. They have 36 million people in their entire country all paying 55+% tax and we have 80-100 million people on welfare, 19% of adults do not only not pay tax, but are actually paid by our tax dollars. so that leaves 81% of the people to pay those 19% money and then now pay for their healthcare as well. The only cost cut in the entire bill is that people over the age of 55 who are terminal will not get treatment and allowed to die, heck if we just added that one thing into law it would save the current system almost 1 trillion dollars and remove almost 6 million people off of that pre existing do not insure list. Our government spends 40+% of our 14 trillion dollar gdp how is adding another trillion dollars going to help our country? How is this going to create 1 job? Nobody will have a job in 4 years if this goes through because like Massachusetts where this was already passed, healthcare costs have raised more than the national average every single year since its inception. Now that said, in Mass the commissions have been cut to the brokers of the insurance policies down to almost nothing and it has still raised more than anywhere else, now tell me how you think this will end with the precedent already set? At what point will people get Reagan was right government is not the solution it is the problem. If companies did not have 36% tax burden maybe they could hire more people? Don't you think the small business owner could hire that extra part timer, or make that part timer into full time? When will the liberals learn that socialism does not work (and do not try to deny this is a social program, because it is)? When will republicans learn that eroding our liberties while claiming it is fighting for freedom an oxymoronic message (how can the patriot act and stupid wars fighting the wrong people helping freedom, no the patriot act invaded our freedoms and BUSH was the tyranny that needed to be removed)? We would be better today had the government cut spending five+ years ago and cut taxes across the board. Put a 15% tax on everyone and no hand outs. Those who want to say what about the poor, the 21% decrease in taxes on businesses would allow them to hire ALL of the poor and have virtually 0% unemployment. I am just going to give an example say company x is doing 5 billion in sales, makes 1 billion in profit that taxed at 36% is 360 million in taxes, now if that is 15% it is only 150 million that 210 million in difference say the execs take 100 million (corrupt I know), 110 million that means 2444 hires at $45,000 each. The top 500 companies means 1.22 million people back to work, equaled in other large business, equaled in medium businesses, and small business that number is doubled to 2.44 million so overall that is 6.11 million or almost all the lost jobs. That is not even taking into account how many companies would be lured here from other countries as well as capital.

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