Saturday, September 3, 2011

Been a long while since my last post

I haven't made a post in a long time. Where has the time gone.... I don't know, but nothing has changed politically or economically in the past year. Anything that has been passed has been negative from both sides of the aisle. The republicans had a great shot to actually reign in the spending and the idiots did not hold their line. They allowed for an increase in our debt ceiling of 2 trillion dollars short term in exchange for 1 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years. This happens to be the worst move our government could make. We are in the hole 14 trillion dollars and increasing at a pace of 1.5 trillion per year under Obama... what is a 1 trillion dollar cut over 10 years do?????? 100 billion barely nicks our current track. We need to cut spending by a trillion a year not 100 billion. Unless we do that within 2 years we will default on our "mortgage" payment or print up a bunch of funny money either way our dollar value drops in real terms meaning we will be spending a lot more for bread, computers, cars, etc... I don't care what side of the aisle anyone is on nobody wants to be poor and nobody wants to have their hard earned work stolen from them and given to someone else. The more debt our country gets into the more that is stolen from those who save and do things right.

I do not think anyone can say with a straight face that Bush was a good president. I think he was one of the top 5 worst. He issue was he expanded government way too much, got us into two wars (at least Iraq being a needless mistake) and got us into too much debt. Anyone want to argue that? Now we have Obama who ran on change and the only change he delivered was an increase in the crappy policies that Bush had in place. People talk about Bush trashing the balanced budget that Clinton left (under a republican congress) and then Bush's last two years in office we noticed a decrease in deficit from 400 billion (410 billion negative swing) to 200 billion (under a democratic congress a 200 billion positive swing). Now Obama with a democratic congress took that 200 billion deficit and made it 1.5 trillion for a 1.3 trillion negative swing two years in a row. Republicans took the house and the deficit this year has decreased by 300-400 billion. The numbers don't lie put in a president of one party and elect someone else of another party for congress to have at least a shred of a check and balance. Might I also add that in addition to continuing Bush's two wars Obama started another in Libya. Iraq that he promised we would be out of within 18 months and he replaced 40000 US troops with 50000 contractors paying them insanely more than he was our troops. What does that message say to our troops that fight for our freedoms? We actually have more people there now then before he took office.

Wouldn't it be nice to actually move away from fascism finally and become a republic again? Wouldn't it be nice to have a money system that does not allow for 14 trillion in debt made possible by selling debt to other countries and printing phony money. What does money now represent? What does our banking system represent? Our monetary system is a complete and total scam. A few huge bankers own the federal reserve who have self serving interests and not the interest of our government or American citizens. By the law of the land which is the United States Constitution our Federal government is supposed to be the only issuer of money in the form of silver and gold tender. That is the law. In 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created that went against the Constitution and the Courts should have deemed that act unconstitutional. If we never had the federal reserve in place the income tax they instituted in 1920 would never have come into play the way that it had and Nixon would have never been able to come off of the gold standard and we would not have 14 trillion dollars of debt created since he did so in the 1970s. So to come full circle on this if the Federal Reserve was not put into place people would have had a stable currency that would not have lost 95% of its purchasing power, several of the wars we had would not have occurred and we would see more of what we earn in our paychecks without taxes taken from them. Imagine what you could do with getting all of your earned income. You would not only be able to pay your bills, but maybe be able to actually help others.

Let me know your thoughts.

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